JR’s Caters!

We welcome same day order but 24 hours advance notice is preferred. Catering orders can be delivered if needed. If you have any questions or there is an item you are interested in but don’t see here feel free to give us a call.


Half (9 Sliders)Full (18 Sliders)
Crispy JR's$45$90
Spicy Crispy JR's$45$90
Parm JR's$45$90
Original JR's$45$90
Grilled Chicken JR's$45$90
Philly Beef JR's$45$90
--- Add Bacon$9$18

Wraps (Crispy or Grilled Chicken)

Half Tray (10 Halves)Full Tray (20 Halves)
Chicken Ceasar Wrap$55$110
Philly Wrap$60$120
Basil Pesto Wrap$60$120
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$55$110


Half TrayFull Tray
House Salad$40$80
Ceasar Salad$40$80


Half TrayFull Tray
French Fries$20$40
Tater Tots$30$60
Curly Fries$25$50
Chicken Fingers$60$120
Mozzarella Sticks$40$80
Zucchini Sticks$35$70
Fried Mushrooms *$35$70
Coconut Shrimp$45$90
* Only available at NJ locations